Wristband Policy

How it Works

Fans are permitted on the Hershey Theatre® property beginning at 8 AM on the day of the on-sale. Two hours prior to the on-sale, fans are directed in front of Hershey Theatre Box Office, where they are issued a numbered wristband. Wristbands are available for one hour, and at the conclusion of that hour, a selected fan will randomly select a wristband that will determine the line order. For example: if 1,000 wristbands are issued during that hour and the number 500 is selected, the person wearing wristband 500 will be the first person in line. Numbers 501 to 1,000 will proceed in line behind, followed by numbers 1 through 499. Once the line is in place, everyone arriving after the wristbands were issued will be escorted to the end of the numbered line.